l i l k i s s e s  Prices  
1 hour $125 - up to 12 faces 
1/2 hour additional $50 up to 18 faces
2 hours  $200  - up to 24 faces
1/2 hour $50  up to 30 faces
3 hours  $250 - up to 35 faces includes 1 hour of tattoos

time may vary slightly ***
contract will state the minimum faces to be painted any additional
time to complete job will not incur additional fees. unless otherwise stated
**Required and Ready:  convenient parking w/ any parking fees prepaid, adequate work space (area, table, 2 chairs, drinking water,  weather protection, lighting etc) for the artist- 
Deposit Policy
A deposit of $100.00 is required on all bookings(unless otherwise stated and agreed upon by lilkissesfacepainting and client.
Balance due in cash upon completion of work
  - set up and arrival times  are  20 minutes prior to the event. 
 Please reserve a table space so that the
face-painter can get started immediately.
Click on Pay Now to leave deposit
$50.00 Deposit
$100.00 Deposit

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